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QUALITY BEAUTY TREATMENTS - Whether you need a quick eyebrow tidy or a full pampering experience, Blush offers a range of treatments to suit your requirements.

​EYE TREATMENTS - Eyebrow waxing, eyelash tinting, trimming and shaping is available for a quick and easy appointment to create a natural, defined look.

*Patch test required for tinting.

LVL LASH LIFT - Stunning results created by lifting your natural eyelashes and setting them in a more upright position to give the effect of thicker, fuller lashes. Includes Eyebrow shape and tint. Results last 6-8 weeks.

*Patch test required.

HOT WAXING - Specialist waxing for intimate areas and sensitive skin. Removes hair as short as 2mm and is kinder to the skin for a smoother finish.

MICRONEEDLING - An unrivalled treatment in the skincare world and boasts some incredible results. Microneedling combined with mesotherapy is a very simple procedure. The treatment itself involves the use of a hand-held device to create tiny punctures in the skin (0.5mm to 2.5mm) using micro-fine needles. It is these micro punctures that trigger the body's healing process. Stimulating cell renewal, collagen and elastin production to achieve the naturally flawless look that we long for. A mixture of antioxidants used to firm, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin is then applied while the cells are actively seeking to repair. This magical part of the treatment is called Mesotherapy, taking the products deep into the skin for enhanced results.

* Free consultation available - your therapist will recommend a suitable course length to achieve your desired results before treatment. Maintenance appointments every 6-9 months.

MINI PEEL - A superficial resurfacing treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines, blemish marks and sun damage.

DECLÉOR FACIAL - This indulgent treatment is perfect for those wanting to target specific skin concerns and thoroughly relax.

Our therapists use specially selected aromatherapy products to suit your skin type and achieve stunning results. 

BODY MASSAGE - Massage is an individual treatment tailored to each person and can be targeted to specific areas of tension, or as a whole body treatment. Available with hot stones therapy to deeply warm and soothe aching muscles.

WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY - Have a little treat on us. If you are available on Wednesdays before 4pm you can book in for a 1hr appointment and enjoy a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a Decléor discovery facial for a fraction of the usual price!

EAR CANDLES - A welcomed treatment for anyone who suffers from tension headaches, sinus problems, ear wax buildup or is a frequent flyer. Specialist Hopi ear candles are gently inserted into the ear canal and as they crackle away, impurities are drawn from the ear leaving you feeling clear and tension free.

SPRAYTAN - Beautiful Moroccan oils have been mixed with a deep and luxurious tan for a natural glow without the usual 'fake tan' smell. Available in light or deeper shades to suit various skin tones.